Company’s Essential Practices



Anti-Corruprion rules of the Company

We don’t support corruption and do not give bribes neither as cash nor as presents or/and services.

International sanctions and boycott rules

Our firm does not support the trade with countries and territories, companies and individuals that are listed into sanctions list of U.N., USA, UK, E.U, Switzerland, Ukraine and in regards to whom the boycott has been announced.


Company leaves the right to cancel the business (potential business) if:
(a) client has not provided the brokers necessary level of transparency while entering into the business;
(b) brokers detect attempts of blackmailing, hacking or/and fraud from the part of the client(s);
(c) the client is detected insolvent or bankrupt and/or can not prove soundness of his current financial condition.

Information: its storage and use

Company acts in frame of confidentiality and holds the data received from the third parties, whether they are clients, co-brokers, other market participants, privately and without disclosure with only exceptions as:

  • if we are the witness of the business and are requested by lawyer of the plaintiff or claimant, to disclose the data to arbitration court;
  • if the court order received for disclosure of the information;
  • if international and/or Ukrainian investigators request written statement(s) or/and documents describing certain business / contractual events;
  • if clients insisted on disclosure or were not against of the disclosure the market or corporate information by the broker to the third parties;
  • if we are to protect our interests in response to allegations or claims obtained from the clients and/or third parties.


In relation to telephone conversations

As the majority of the contracts we intervene as brokers are domiciled in England, we therefore, in accordance with Laws of England, may opt to record telephone and other verbal communications for sake of comfort and safety of the business.