VEA Brokers LLC

Independent consultants for agri businesses since 2003.


“This market is not a place; it is a process....”

These are the words of one of the greatest economists ever living — Ludwig von Mises — and it remains true yet now after first published in Chicago, USA on 1979.
We can’t say any better of the market. We sell our service and we learn the process!

Our focus is agriculture commodities from Black Sea region but we can also provide you the link to greater returns on niche agris and innovative agri projects worldwide.

We sell:
— broker service
— consultancy
— special package (combination of broker, consultancy services and know-hows)

Briefly about our special package:
• for those with intention but lack of know-how — we fill the gap
• for those with resources but lack of ideas of new economy — we bridge
• for those with hands and hearts at the farm but lack of time for quality marketing — we buy time
• for those with the plan and project but lack of funds — we provide solutions
• for those in difficulty but lack of solution — we guide and assist
• for those with investment appetite but lack of confidence — we provide the valuable data
A word from the Director

“From time to time, but regularly, we all face difficulties and the way I define difficulty is some obstacles which I am in ability to overcome using my intellect and resources. Some uneasiness that can be removed. Sometimes, and this is such a time, we face existential treats. War, famine, hurricanes, forest fires, economic collapse et cetera, and here no rules that one used to follow, when dealing with regular difficulties are applicable.

The main criteria of success in such time – is survival. And I may call our firm as a successful project therefore.”

Mission: VEA is a service provider for our customers worldwide. We are here to sell and deliver ethical, professional and high quality service. Our business is based on trust and track record, information and knowledge and we sustain those qualities.

Vision:The progress in agriculture is always linked to the victory of innovations appearing as a result of the market demand. VEA finds itself as a company transforming constantly in order to remain functional and useful for the clients we serve.

Motto: Velocity, Equilibrium, Alternative


Mailing address:

Office # 504,
1/20 Marazlievskaya street,
Odessa, Ukraine,


Phone: +38 (094) 93-09-704