Markets and special programs

Besides the conventional agri cargoes, which Black Sea region is rich of, such as corn, barley, peas, wheat and sunflowers, and some of which have, from the times of Ancient Greece and Rome, been shipped out by sea-going vessels, we also assist our clients to enter and act at the markets that often are labeled "special".

First of all, we are proud to name ourselves as one of the most proactive companies from this region in brokering containerized agri cargoes. Conventional and / or special, niche agris and products.

Containerized trade, in the most modern era, has been developing out of Black Sea region since mid-late 90-s of the last century and we've been in this business since 2005 when we first brokered the feed wheat to South Eastern Asia from Ukraine, in bulk in containers.

Later the share of World’s containerized trade has been seriously increased thanks to expansion of the container services and the goods in boxes have been sold and shipped from Black Sea terminals to Far East, South Eastern Asia, Indian Subcontinent, Persian Gulf, East, West, North and South Africa, Australian Pacific Cost and New Zealand, North-Western Europe, United Kingdom, South, Latin And North Americas. Literally everywhere worldwide!

In turn, agri products and other related items arrive to Black Sea from the miscellaneous origins of this world! Sesame seeds from India and Ethiopia, spices from Vietnam and Sri Lanka, beans from Egypt, peanuts from Argentina, tea from Nepal and India, rice from Pakistan, agri machinery from China, India, E.U., U.S.A., Turkey...this list may be continued yet for a while!

The range of products exported from Black Sea region include everything from veg oils to proteins and starches, from conventional grains to niche products. And as we turn to niche agris: this is a very special segment of agri business.

Normally it includes mechanically cleaned or/and calibrated or/and color sorted products such as millets, sorghum, chick peas, flax seeds, rapeseeds, sunflowers, safflowers, camelina, buckwheat, canary seeds, coriander seeds, triticale, rye, horse beans, vetches. Shippable in bulk or in bags.

It may be non-GMO soy beans and corn flour. It may be groats derived from conventional grains like wheat, barley and peas. It may be starches, proteins and fibers processed by dry and/or wet milling. Overall it is hundred billions of dollars’ worth market, trading and shipping by small containers or trucks. What we can do for you here?

We can find you reliable counter parties worldwide and negotiate for you the terms and conditions, and sure the price!

We can help you to organize the trans-shipment of agris from the bulk-carrier vessel into containers in ports of Constanta and Turkish ports.

We can source you the sesame seeds from Ethiopia's humera region with loading out of Djibouti port or alubia beans from Argentina or best black pepper from Vietnam or most recognized dried chili pepper from Cochin in India. We can help you finding right producer of agri related machinery out of China and/or India as we have expertise in this market segment too, to organize meetings and tests and...the contract finally.

These markets aren't easy and not yet developed the same way as one can refer to the conventional grains and proteins, but that's the risk and the beauty, as margins are normally way more attractive.

We welcome producers and exporters to call us for consultation(s) as we, using our experience and knowledge of those markets, may not just find the buyer or seller for you, but suggest what would be better to plant for spring and where we expect the most of consumption, what competition origins offer and when it is better to strike the forward deals.


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