About us

Veles Agro Brokerage was established in 2003 - the first independent Ukrainian agricultural commodities broker acting in the physical space. Our head office is in Odessa, Ukraine with a staff of nine people covering more than 44 clients in 28 countries worldwide.

Our annual contract book includes more than 1 million tons of agricultural cargoes, split roughly into 65% bulk and 35% shipped by containers. Our objective is to foster maximum market liquidity via daily communications between sellers and buyers in effort to generate new trades to benefit the parties.

The commissions we earn from the trades we facilitate are the source of the company's revenues.

We are proud to serve our clients

A word from the Director

When we launched our venture in Odessa the reaction from the market was perplexed. We received comments such as: "Good brokers stay in Switzerland, Netherlands, in United States….and what you guys can seriously offer us from Odessa! How can we trust you? You are making a mistake!" Einstein is quoted as having said: "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new".

Well, it's been15 years since we made our "mistake" and have been providing our service to clients all over the world. There’s no magic – a good broker must have a deep understanding of the markets and be able to provide cogent analysis, and must exercise self-discipline and the determination to do a first-class job - that's the quintessence of who we are"



Office # 513,
1/20 Marazlievskaya street,
Odessa, Ukraine,

Phone:+38 (094) 93-09-704