About us


Starting year 2003, then first in Ukraine, company Veles Agro Broker remains the agri commodity broker (impartial intermediary in trade) servicing internationally the markets of commodities and products.
Company’s head office is located in Odessa, Ukraine where our team offers the services to the markets.

Our activity consists of daily communications with our clients - the suppliers out of Black Sea basin countries region: Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria.
And with the clients of ours - the customers out of Europe, Africa, Middle and Far East, South East Asia and Indian subcontinent.
We are on the market in order to find the opportunities for the businesses we serve.
Here our motto comes from “We do not sell you the success – we just make it an opportunity for you!”
Significant part of our activity and the business is dedicated to the containerized agri cargoes and too, the niche agris.

We too, provide consulancy services for those companies, which intend to enter the new markets (but the markets known to us) and make as least wrongdoings as possible.
Firms which wish to organize their export actions correctly and/or to be introduced at regions strategically attractive for their business presence.

Our general principle while serving our clients is TCA (take care always).

Veles Agro Broker LLC is a long term member of Gafta, Fosfa и GPC (Global Pulses Confederation).

A word from the Director

We love what we do for the market and the market pays our service adequately.
Our market function remains as before: to bring our clients the opportunities for their goals’ achievement and to help converting the words and ideas into the real deals.

However, presently, when data is way easier accessible then before, when risks and bets are high – it requires us to be not just the brokers, experts of the markets we serve but too, the consultants, trouble-shooters…and simply to understand well the nature of human actions.

Service industry moves through the changes and so do we - but I am sure – market always finds the simplest and correct solutions in the interaction to maximize the profits. Market is getting used to weather and politics and generates new conditions for supply and demand every next day.

In such dynamism of actions, where decisions are made within the parcels of a second – fair data and service gain even a higher value and we are happy to comply with the criteria of the present market.



Office # 513,
1/20 Marazlievskaya street,
Odessa, Ukraine,

Phone:+38 (094) 93-09-704